Evolving entrepreneurs, professionals, and
organizations beyond their highest aspirations.

Luke is a Partner at Evolution. Evolution is a boutique coaching and consulting firm that
partners with startups and high-growth companies to develop consciousness across all
dimensions of the business — individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.

Executive Coaching

Supporting Visionary Leaders

Are you ready for a new and bold vision of success?

The Coach

Luke Entrup

Luke Entrup spurs visionaries forward to the next level in their careers and lives. He
is an executive coach and organizational consultant with a background in
developing emerging leaders, aligning company culture with bold strategy, and
creating the ideal conditions for high-impact teams to succeed.

Using a proprietary blend of insight, zen wisdom, and jet fuel Luke’s clients learn
about themselves in new ways. With fresh awareness and fresh tools, they make
significant shifts in how they lead and live their lives. In his role as a coach and
consultant, he has worked with the leaders of numerous hypergrowth companies
including Slack, Dropbox, and Twitter.

Luke’s clients are creative and curious and come to him to discover new ways to
push the outer edges of their purpose. With insight and practical tools, he works
with leaders and teams more fully realizing their vision, one step at a time.
Using fierce guidance and unwavering support, Luke makes profound transformation
a reality.

Luke holds a BA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and an MSW
& MPH from Tulane University. He has been practicing and teaching meditation for
the past two decades. He is a certified facilitator with Shadow Work Seminars®.
He was trained as an Innovation Catalyst through Gravity Tank and the Center for
Care Innovations. As a social entrepreneur, he has co-founded several organizations
committed to leadership development and global sustainability, including Vida
Autentica and Beyond The Machine. He is a regular public speaker on the topic of
building a culture of innovation and how to evolve business through human-centered
design. Luke lives in Sonoma County, California.