• Luke Entrup


Most of us spend our days trying to find ways to move away from discomfort. We set up

our lives to optimize for physical comfort, turning away from emotional pain, and avoiding difficult conversations. We try to create a buffer between ourselves and the world around us. This is a futile endeavor.

What would your life be like if you turned into things that make you uncomfortable?

In yoga, we find the edge of the pose and then breathe into the tightness. Through this process, we become stronger and more flexible. Over time we start looking for that edge as a sign of an area where we can tune-up our body-mind.

What would your relationships look like if you greeted the tension between you and your partner or friend as an opportunity to stretch? What can you do today to reveal the truth of your heart, even if it hurts to show it. How can you listen more deeply to the other even when it makes you squirm and want to run?

Discomfort is a necessary part of life. We will never have enough to avoid it. When we realize this, we create the opportunity to treat discomfort as a messenger of our own evolution. If we want to enjoy the richness and beauty of the world around us we must be in relationship with it. Relationship is uncomfortable! So breathe deeply and feel the stretch, the burn, the chill. That is life moving through you.

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