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My Morning "Jet Fuel"

One of the keys to becoming a high performer and increasing your productivity is consuming nutritious foods. Starting the day with carbs and sugars spikes the blood sugar and leads to a crash. Perhaps worse than a croissant and orange juice is starting the day with no breakfast which leads to a spike in stress hormones and adrenal fatigue. I'm a proponent of getting the day started with a high-protein, plant-based, super-food smoothie. This is the jet fuel that gives I use to fuel my creativity and mental balance.

Here's the recipe:

-16 oz. of unsweetened almond milk (find one without carrageenan which may have some detrimental health effects)

-one half of a banana (the only source of sugar)

-one half of an avocado

-one tablespoon of hemp seeds

-one tablespoon of crushed flax/chia seed blend

-one heaping tablespoon of coconut oil

-one teaspoon of a spiralina/chlorella blend

-one teaspoon of Myriad Mushroom's Bioavailable Vitality Blend: (These types of mushrooms have tremendous immune support and cancer-fighting properties. This is my favorite ingredient.)

For variety, I'll sometimes add gogi berries, frozen blueberries, a teaspoon of maca powder, or a tablespoon of tahini.

All ingredients are USDA-Certified organic. Look for the USDA seal.

I use a Magic Bullet smoothie blender, which is the perfect size for this recipe.

If I have an energy dip or need some animal protein I'll sometimes add sustainably-caught sardines or turkey bacon.

Leave a comment to let me know how you like this recipe or share one your "jet fuel" recipe!

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