Lead with Presence. Create from Flow.

Community Practice Call

Twice Monthly 60-Minute Zoom Sessions

During this time of great change, the world is reinventing itself. With it, you have the rare
opportunity to reinvent yourself. Join a community of fellow purpose-driven seekers who
are committed to self-discovery, living in flow, and leaving the world better than we
found it. If you long to have greater clarity and impact in your life, then now is the time
to do something about it.

The COMMUNITY PRACTICE CALL is a place to help you unlock new strategies for
presence, purpose, and fulfillment. It is a virtual dojo for strengthening your heart and
mind so that you can make the most of this one, precious life

All genders welcome.

Your guide for this program is Luke Entrup. Luke is a leadership coach and teacher who
works with high-impact leaders and those in transition.

WHAT WILL I LEARN? Embodiment Practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Light Martial Arts,
Movement Experiential Learning on topics such as Navigating Transitions, Clarifying Your
Essence, Cultivating Presence, Leadership Development, Flow States, Innovation, Integrity
and Accountability, and Shadow Work.

WHO IS THIS DESIGNED FOR? This is designed for those interested in connecting with
others on a path to self-discovery. As the world opens back up, this class will particularly
focus on connection – connection to ourselves, to others, to our loved ones. This class is
for those who are ready to embody a new way of relating. It is for anyone looking to
renew their sense of purpose, clarify their essence, and live with greater fulfillment. High
impact leaders, artists, athletes, those in transition, those looking to jump-start a new
way of being, those committed to a path of self-awareness and personal growth, those
longing for something more.