Intentional Co-Parenting

Join Luke and Kendra for this two-hour virtual class on intentional co-parenting. Whether your family lives in one home or more, this class will provide tools and knowledge to create an environment where everyone in your family can thrive. 

  • Seeing the whole family system & putting the kids first. 
  • Shifting out of habitual conflict 
  • Cultivating curiosity and understanding as a path to updating relationship agreements. 
  • Structures and systems to enable children and parents to thrive and for love to flow through the family. 
  • Addressing the “battle for life force energy” and how to balance needs. 
  • Optimizing for both space and connection.
  • Liberating stuck roles.
  • How to apply these principles to your unique family dynamics & systems.

This class is for all forms of co-parents – married, partnered, separated, divorced, unclear, or otherwise. 

We will be offering  guided practice so best if you can be uninterrupted. You may want to have a journal and pen to capture insights. 

Luke Entrup is a leadership coach and teacher. He is father to Julian (10) and Amara (8). 

Kendra is an embodiment coach & facilitator. She is Mama to Trent (12) & Iara (9). Kendra’s children have different fathers. She has been married, divorced, and now lives with her daughter’s father.

Tuesday, February 1st from 2p-4p PT

Cost: $150 

To register & pay for this experience please click HERE. Thank you!